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Calgary Nude Recreation has a set of policies intended to maintain a safe, respectful, and welcoming environment for all attendees. 

Membership Terms

Membership terms vary slightly depending on whether you sign up for an Individual Membership or a Family Membership.

Dress Code

Events may be designated as clothing-optional, or as nude.  Our dress code outlines what each of those terms means based on your gender identity or age.

Facility Rules

The location of the event will determine which set of facility rules are in effect - the City of Calgary rules, general Indoor rules, or general Outdoor rules.

Event Waiver

A copy of the general activity waiver and release is available online.

The Golden Rule:

It is not acceptable to make anyone feel uncomfortable, whether through actions, words, or staring. This group is a place to enjoy being naked, NOT a place to enjoy other people’s nakedness. Anyone creating a situation that makes someone feel less welcome or safe will be addressed by event organizers.

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