Basic Questions

Is being nude with others legal?

Short answer: Yes, depending on when and where. (If you've ever changed/showered at the gym or pool, you've already experienced this.)

Long answer: The Criminal Code of Canada has a blanket provision against nudity (s.174), however states that charges can only be pursued in absence of a "lawful excuse", and with the permission of the Attorney General.  Case law from BC has definitively established the right to rent city facilities for private nude events, and we believe there are a number of other avenues to arrive at a "lawful excuse".  For an in-depth look at the law in Canada, check out our blog post on Nude Recreation in Canada.

Not unrelated, Calgary has 2 clothing optional areas. One area is in Weaselhead Flats that has been used openly for decades without issue. In use since 2019 is Hidden Beach, located in Fish Creek Park.

Is being nude with others normal?

Nudity and naturism have a long and legitimate history, with organized nudist groups dating back to 1903 in Germany and France.  Outside of an organized and deliberate movement, it may be pertinent to note that:

  • For much of the 20th century, males were required to swim nude at school and community pools. (Source)
  • Nude beaches have been operating for decades, including Wreck Beach in Vancouver (North America's largest naturist beach, with up to 14,000 daily visitors during the summer)
  • In many countries, non-segregated nudity is perfectly normal in saunas and other contextually-appropriate places.

In no way is Calgary Nude Recreation claiming credit for inventing the concept of nude swimming.  Nearly all Canadian cities (including Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, Toronto, and Halifax) have had privately hosted naked swims for decades.

Why should I get naked?

The decision to attend a nude event is often deeply personal.  For some, a desire to overcome a fear is the motivating factor.  Others cite the release associated with presenting their true selves to others as the reason.  Some just like the freedom of being naked or hate tan lines.  Regardless of your personal reasons, Calgary Nude Recreation strives to create spaces where you can be respected, authentic, and fully expressed in your most natural state.

Is social nudity beneficial?

Absolutely!  Peer-reviewed academic research has shown that:

  • Participation in social nudity (i.e. naturism) predicts greater life satisfaction, including more positive body image and higher self-esteem (West, 2018)
  • Women who regularly participate in live figure drawing (of a nude model) have higher body appreciation and lower drive for thinness and social physique anxiety.  (Swami, 2016)

Positive first-hand accounts of social nudity can be found across the internet, including from a 2017 Guardian article:

"Being naked is profoundly liberating. It’s not just the physical feeling of the air, sun or sea over your entire body: there’s a psychological release, too. When you shed your clothes, many social pressures also somehow fall away."

What type of events do you host?

Calgary Nude Recreation hosts monthly indoor swims*, via private after-hours rentals of City of Calgary facilities.  These events are supervised by city lifeguards.  We have also rented from other local businesses for private events.

We are working to expand the options available for outdoor events.  Previous outdoor events have included trips to Calgary's existing nude beach, multiple hikes, and multiple pop-up nude beach activations around the area.

Event Questions

How do I attend an indoor event? 

Access to CNR events is available to pre-registered attendees only.  Only members can register to attend an event.  To become a member:

  • you must provide your legal first name, last name, and date of birth as shown on your Current Government-issued Photo ID. 
  • you must pay the membership fee
  • your application must be reviewed and approved by an administrator.
After becoming a member, to check into an event you have registered and paid for you must provide that same ID.

Can I bring a guest?

Most events now allow for guest registration, under the following conditions:

  • Guests must be pre-registered by an existing member
  • Guests must check-in with the existing member, who is responsible for their conduct at the event
  • Guests must provide current government-issued photo ID at check-in that exactly matches the registration.

We believe the human body is not something to be ashamed of, and we are excited to allow the opportunity for new attendees to try it out.

Will anyone not attending the event see me?

For indoor events, we block all windows to maintain a private atmosphere and prevent impact to anyone passing by.  Facility staff (who generally remain clothed) will be present, but everyone else (including event organizers) will be participating in the event.

Is photography allowed?

No.  In addition to city guidelines restricting photography at Aquatic Facilities, taking pictures or video at any indoor CNR event is strictly prohibited.

Can I bring my dependents?

As with all Canadian naturist organizations, our events are family-friendly and strictly non-sexual.  Family Memberships are available to enable parents/legal guardians the option to bring their minors to CNR events.

Further security measures are in place to ensure that minors and their parent (/legal guardian) are properly correlated for the duration of the event.

Note that there are no dress code requirements for minors, assuming they are toilet-trained.  

I'm convinced, but...

What is the difference between a nude/naked event and a clothing-optional event?

NOTE: Since mid-2019, our events have been Clothing-Optional.

Nude/naked events are "nude mandatory" with a couple of exceptions:

  • Women may choose to wear bottoms
  • Minors can wear whatever they want (however note the city requires swim diapers at certain ages)

Nude/naked events may be preferred by some as they provide a "level playing field" where everyone is nude.

Clothing-Optional events are about empowering the individual to make the best choice for themselves. We encouraged anyone to attend whatever they feel most comfortable wearing. We do not believe in splitting up families or couples because of different comfort levels, and we actively encourage clothed partners to join their spouses at our events. Occasionally we have people wear fun clothes like mermaid tails in the pool. The ultimate goal is to have fun, what someone is wearing is simply not a factor to us.

Note that our standard rules and code of conduct remain in effect at clothing-optional events -- actions which negatively impact the experience of others will not be tolerated.  

For a visual representation of the dress code differences, check out this page.

I'm a single guy.  Can I still come?

Yes!  The one way Calgary Nude Recreation is trying to break the mold is in our admission policy, which doesn't judge you based on your relationship status (or partner's aversion to nudity).  Anyone who can act respectfully and adhere to the rules is welcome at our events.

I'm a guy.  What if I get... excited?

Virtually every naturist organization we've linked to addresses this in their FAQ.  The TLDR: 1) Really unlikely to happen. 2) If it does, be subtle and respectful of the perceptions of those around you and you'll probably be fine.

Who normally attends your events?

Calgary Nude Recreation is open to all people, of all genders, all ages, all sexual orientations, all body types, and anyone else that likes being naked.  We have hundreds of members, ranging in age from 19 to 85.  The only common denominator is that they've all pre-registered for the event and they've all followed the policies and procedures to be admitted. 

Wait, you want what now?!

Why do I have to provide my real information?

We appreciate the trepidation.  Our website is not a social network -- the information provided is not exposed to other members.

Validation of your identity will only occur in the real world, when you present your current government-issued photo ID to check into an event.  All data is held in secure servers in the cloud, and never retained on personal devices or paper copies.  Review the following for more information on Security, Privacy, and Data Protection.

Who else can see this?

All profile and membership fields have been designated non-editable and only visible by administrators.  The information you provided when registering will continue to be visible to you, in a read-only state when logged into your profile.

What happens if I provide an alias or nickname in my registration?

To help minimize risk, the information on your CNR member profile (and event registration) must EXACTLY match your current government-issued photo ID.  If you show up at an event with an ID that doesn't match your registration, you will not be admitted. If you register an attendee for an event that doesn't match your member profile, the registration will be cancelled.

Why is there a charge for membership?

Event tickets are generally priced to only cover the direct costs of holding the event.  The membership fee helps pay for things like insurance, information systems, event supplies, and more.  CNR is committed to our vision and operating a sustainable group for nude recreation in Calgary for as long as there are Calgarians who want to join us. 

Other Membership Questions

I have friends/roommates/family/etc. who want to join.  Can I register for them?

Yes, members are allowed to register guests. All guests must show up with the member for event check-in.

I have registered for a membership, but haven't paid.  What should I expect?

Applications will remain pending, i.e. in a state of limbo.  You will not be granted access to the events listing until the membership fee is paid and your application is approved. Unpaid applications will generally be cancelled and you will need to start again.  Please do not register unless you are able to complete a PayPal payment for the annual membership.

Event Questions

I'm attending my first swim.  What should I expect?

After you have registered, paid, and received a payment receipt, all you need to do is show up to the right location at the right time.

  • Please arrive during the "check-in" period, to ensure we have time to verify your ID and registration.  Don't worry about printing anything.
    • Please note that late check-ins cannot be accommodated without advance arrangements, as the check-in staff would also like to enjoy the swim.
  • At the start of the event, checked-in attendees will be permitted to proceed to the change room(s).  Be prepared to show proof of check-in. 
    • As we all end up in an equal state of (un)dress, all attendees use the same change room (regardless of gender identity).  Private cubicles may be available, depending on the facility.  Please contact us if you have questions/concerns about this.
  • Get changed per normal, except don't worry about putting a bathing suit on if that is your choice of swim attire.
  • Per normal, please shower (rinse) before entering the pool area.
  • Enjoy the facility!  It is the objective of CNR to maintain a friendly, welcoming environment for all participants.  If you are feeling uncomfortable or have questions, please feel free to approach any of our in-pool guest ambassadors or those that helped you check-in. Ambassadors will generally be wearing a cowboy hat.

Please contact us if you still have questions at 

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