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Calgary Nude Recreation was established in the belief that contextually appropriate social nudity can be a powerful tool for individuals to gain confidence, free themselves from body-shame, and allow a new connection with the self and others. We strive to create spaces where nudity is normalized, empowering, and beneficial to the community. Regardless of our goals, Calgary Nude Recreation is fully clothing-optional and we empower the individual to make the best choice for themselves. We invite anyone that is unoffended by nudity to join us wearing as much as they wish. We especially encouraged fully clothed partners and spouses to attend.

Calgary Nude Recreation is family-friendly and all events are strictly non-sexual.  We are proud to offer membership to people of all genders, sexual orientations, body types, ages. Persons under 18 years old must be accompanied by their own parent or legal guardian.

Why Be Naked?

Being naked is awesome! Our events are not a place to show off your body to others, compare, or stare, but rather a place that you can enjoy being naked, in your rawest self expression in a safe and welcoming, non-judgmental environment. We as a society are inundated with so many false ideals about body image that we can easily become lost in self-criticism, judgement and insecurities. This group is a place to break free from our societal constraints and tap into the liberation and freedom from embarrassment/shame and allow us to fully embrace and courageously love all of ourselves in the presence of others.
“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”
-Brene Brown
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Canada's Advocate for clothing-optional recreation

Calgary Nude Recreation is Canada's only advocate for clothing-optional recreational opportunities in contextually appropriate public areas. Our unique philosophy is effective, legally sound, and compatible with our culture.

Our Philosophy:

All of our public activities are conducted entirely without permits because we do not need administrative approval to participate in lawful activities. Our values are healthy, normal, need not be hidden from the greater public. We strive to demonstrate that our values are compatible with our culture through our public activities. We role model proper behaviour so that poor behaviour could be more easily identified by law enforcement and park wardens. We insist on equal protection under the law and we expect that law enforcement focus on the poor behaviour of anyone causing a disturbance. 

Our accomplishments include:

  • Policy changes within the City of Calgary in order to host clothing-optional activities in City of Calgary parks.
  • Policy changes within Alberta Parks in order to host clothing-optional activities in provincial parks.
  • Policy changes within Parks Canada in order to host clothing-optional activities in national parks.
  • The establishment of Hidden Beach in Fish Creek Provincial Park, located within the city limits of Calgary.
  • Communications with high ranking Alberta Crown Prosecution Service administrators and prosecutors regarding the legalities of clothing-optional recreation.
  • Communications with the Attorney General of Canada regarding the legalities of clothing-optional recreation in public areas.
  • Relationship building with the Calgary Police Service to ensure equal protection of law for anyone who chooses to enjoy either of Calgary's clothing-optional recreation areas.

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