Nude policy for private closed-door events:

While requiring nudity goes against freedom of choice, when everyone is naked it provides a more welcoming environment for people to be naked and feel comfortable. Therefore, it is requested that you be in a state of undress that you would normally not be in while in public.

  • For men nudity is REQUIRED.
  • For women topless at minimum is REQUIRED, or all nude, should you desire.
  • If your gender falls between, please make the decision on what feels best for you.
The idea is to promote a state of undress that people cannot normally experience in public. Please respect a positive atmosphere for nudity. There are plenty of public places you can attend with your clothes on.
  • For children, there is no dress code (outside of city pool requirements, which requires that children not fully trained MUST wear approved pool pants or swimming diapers.)

For nervous first timers:

Feeling comfortable being naked around non-sexual partners goes against pretty much everything our culture teaches us since we were young. Its normal to feel nervous at first, but please know that will soon pass.  Keep in mind most people truly enjoy their first experience, even if its a bit difficult to work up the courage initially.  Facing and defeating fears can be a wonderful feeling and accomplishment.  Unfortunately, that can’t be accomplished while living safely inside of your comfort zone.  This group was created for people like you to experience social nudity, to see the respectful and non-judgmental nature of it, and finally take the plunge yourself.  We would LOVE to help you conquer your fears and anxieties about being naked with others.  Remember, there is nothing shameful about a human body.

If you are interested in the idea of participating in nude recreation, but are unsure if you will feel comfortable enough to actually get naked, please contact us. We would be happy to have a conversation about your concerns.

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