Calgary Nude Recreation is a body-positive, pro-nude organization. We recognize that there have historically been two styles of naturism, one which is "nude-mandatory" and one which is "clothing-optional".

Since mid-2019, our events have used the "clothing-optional" dress code. We promote empowering the individual to make the best choice for themselves. We encouraged anyone to attend whatever they feel most comfortable wearing. We do not believe in splitting up families or couples because of different comfort levels, and we actively encourage clothed partners to join their spouses at our events. Occasionally some people choose wear fun clothes like mermaid tails in the pool. The ultimate goal is to have fun, what someone is wearing is simply not a factor to us.

The majority of participants attend our events for the opportunity to engage in social nudity, and will likely be fully nude regardless of the dress code.

Dress Code for "Clothing-Optional Events"

Clothing-optional events empower people to make the choice on what's best for themselves.  We encourage people who appreciate our values and wish to experience a body-positive event from the safety and comfort of their clothes to join us.  Partners of members are especially invited to join us.  Persons attending for the wrong reasons will be asked to leave.

  • While there is no obligation to get naked (or stay naked), new attendees should understand that the majority of participants will likely be naked.  
  • At no time is it appropriate for attendees to comment on the amount of clothing worn (or not worn) by other attendees.  
  • Please be aware that often times one change room is used by all.  If this is a concern, be prepared by wearing your swim suit (etc.) under your clothes or plan to change in a stall.

Rules around electronic devices capable of photography remain in effect at clothing-optional events -- even though you may have pockets, your phone (etc) must still be kept out of the event space.

Dress Code for "Nude Events"

Nude events are for those that prefer a "level playing field" among all attendees.  Some feel it's easier to get naked when everyone else is.
  • For men nudity is REQUIRED.
  • For women topless at minimum is REQUIRED, or all nude should you desire.
  • If your gender falls between, please make the decision on what feels best for you. 
  • For minors, there is no dress code (outside of city pool requirements, which requires that children not fully trained MUST wear approved pool pants or swimming diapers.)


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