This hidden gem is centrally located in a busy city, though there are no sight lines to any roads or paths. This spot is off the beaten path enough that random people seldom find their way to this location. It really is a great area to enjoy nature without the hassle of leaving the city.

Depending on the time of year, the creek level may be high with fast flowing water, or shallow with a gently flowing current. There are deep spots suitable for a dunk to cool off on a hot day. The gravel bar offers ample room for a sizeable group to recreate and soak up some sun.

Hidden Beach has been used by CNR since the summer of 2020. Many of our members have returned multiple times and used this location by themselves without issue. Despite being extremely close to high traffic areas, Hidden Beach is surprisingly unused by others. The trail isn't apparent when walking on the well established nearby dirt paths, which makes Hidden Beach... well, nicely hidden.

The Glennfield day use areas and associated bike paths have a significant amount of traffic from other people enjoying Fish Creek Park. CNR does not anticipate this being an issue at any point in the future. The paths conveniently make for a nice bike ride as your mode of transportation to get there, though the last little bit will be walking with your bike. If coming from the north, we recommend following the river and then turning west in Fish Creek Park. 

This spot is inaccessible from Canyon Meadows Drive due to a steep cliff, steep hillsides, and a creek crossing. Access Hidden Beach via the established paths on the south side of the creek near the Glennfield Day Use Area. If you are coming from the north side on foot or bicycle, the nearest place to access this location is HERE, which is also a bus stop. See the "directions" section below for more information.

As this location is new for nude recreation, we are interested in people's experiences with this location. You may reach us at



How to get there:

Parking Area:  Glenfield day use parking lot (14428 Bannister Rd SE  @ McLeod Tr)      MAP

Nude Beach Etiquette

  1. Pack in, pack it out. No littering.
  2. Ask permission before taking pictures of people, even if they are clothed.
  3. Do not stare or gawk.
  4. Nude beaches are family-friendly areas. Sexual activity and exhibitionism are unacceptable.
  5. Nude beaches are not the place to be finding yourself a potential life or sexual partner.
  6. Be aware that some people attend nude beaches to socialize with friends while others attend to enjoy being naked in nature. Be courteous to other people's reasons for visiting this beach and do not engage others in unwanted conversation.

Sexual activity in public will be reported to the police.

Q: Is this area sanctioned?
A: There are only two beaches in Canada that are officially designated as clothing optional, located in Vancouver and Toronto. Every other nude area in Canada is "unofficial". This location has been used by CNR for group activities without issue, and is surprisingly hidden, given its central location. For more information, see our legal blog.
Legal Blog

Q: What do I do if the police show up and ask or demand people get dressed?
A: Follow all instructions from the police. Do not argue with the police. When police crack down on nude areas it is almost always because they respond to a complaint, and are then met with an argumentative crowd. 

Q: What makes finding the location difficult?
A: This location is seldom used by people so the trails are only marginally worn in once you get off the main foot trail. This means that the trail can be difficult to follow if you aren't sure which way to go. As this location gets used more, it is expected that the trail will become easier to identify and follow.

Q: Why can't we access this location from Canyon Meadows Drive?
A: There is a large cliff that makes it near impossible to safely get down to the creek. Depending on the water level, wading may be required to cross the creek. The path we have identified is simply the easiest way to get to the location, and its only marginally longer than the shortest route possible from the Glenfield Day Use parking lot.

Q: What do I do if someone happens by who is angry or upset over nudity?

A: One of the perks of this area being in a provincial park is that it is against regulations to disturb someone's use or enjoyment of the park. If someone is interfering with your peaceful enjoyment of the park you may call the Calgary Police Service non-emergency line at 403-266-1234. If there is a threat or actual use of violence call 911. We recommend de-escalating if possible, but the most likely scenario is that the person who is offended will leave the area without issue.

Reference: Province of Alberta, Provincial Parks (General) Regulation, section 7 (page #6)

Right of quiet and peaceful enjoyment
7 No person shall interfere with the right of others to the quiet and peaceful enjoyment of a provincial park or recreation area. AR 102/85 s7 

Q: Is sexual activity REALLY not allowed? Isn't that why everyone is naked?

A: Anyone engaging in any sort of sexual activity (sex, masturbation, etc.) can be charged and convicted of indecent exposure. There are many clubs and events that cater to those who are interested in open sexuality and we suggest you seek them out to minimize your legal risk.

Enjoy your visit!

Hidden Beach Interactive Map

TIP: Save the destination in your maps application on your phone to monitor your progress along the trail.

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