Membership Rules - Family

Last updated: January 29, 2018

Participation in Calgary Nude Recreation events are restricted to members of Calgary Nude Recreation. Members of Calgary Nude Recreation must agree and adhere to the following rules. Clarifications and additions for Family memberships are coloured red.

Please note - Minors are only permitted to attend Calgary Nude Recreation events when accompanied by their parent or legal guardian. Minors must be registered in advance, via a Family Membership.

For two-parent households, each parent must register for their own Family Membership if they wish to attend Calgary Nude Recreation events.

1 - Current, government-issued photo ID is required to attend Calgary Nude Recreation events.  The information provided in your membership application (first name, last name, and date of birth) must EXACTLY match your current, government-issued photo ID.  This information is NOT visible to other members and will NOT be shared except if we have to deal with a criminal incident.  Do NOT use an alias, nickname, or otherwise on your registration - you will NOT be permitted to enter, regardless of whether you have paid.  The same requirement applies to Minors registered under your profile - the information provided must EXACTLY match their birth certificate, as presented on check-in.

2– Respect of all persons attending is required at all times. At no time is it acceptable to negatively impact someone’s experience by actions, words, or staring. If someone else feels uncomfortable or feels that their safety is compromised because of your actions, words, or staring, you are in violation of rule #2.  Your intentions are irrelevant to the safety and comfort of others.  You are responsible for the conduct of your Minors.

3– If you see someone struggling with rule #2, bring it to an organizer’s attention to deal with the person in question. If you are unsure, report it.

Calgary Nude Recreation reserves the right to modify or append these rules as required to continue operating safe and successful events.  Event-specific rules are also in effect.

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