Interviews with Calgary Nude Recreation

X92.9 - Radio interview with Marc and Millions - Jan 12, 2018

I don't want everyone to show up. No one wants everyone to show up.  Who we want to show up are people that want to have fun being naked with people that enjoy being naked.

770 CHQR Global News Radio - Naked Jeff is interviewed by Danielle Smith - Jan 12, 2018

Whatever people think is going on that it should be 18+, they are mistaken. Nude events are always family friendly, regardless of if there are kid's or not. It's just a normal day at the pool, but with a relaxed dress code.

Globe and Mail - Op-Ed by Naked Jeff - Jan 12, 2018

We understand our events are not for everyone, and we are okay with that. I'm sorry some Calgarians feel we should feel ashamed of our bodies, and that they fear us for refusing to do so. It certainly wasn't our intent to create such a fiasco.

Other Coverage

Rick Mercer Report - Calgary Cancels Nude Swim - Jan 17, 2018

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