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CityNews - Calgary's Hidden Beach, Clothing Optional - May 25, 2023

Located on the northwest end of Fish Creek Park, Calgary’s Hidden Beach is labeled as a clothing optional area.

Narcity - Unofficial Nude Beaches In Alberta To Visit If You Want To Skip Out On Tan Lines This Summer - Aug 3, 2022

As a landlocked province, you might be thinking there are no nude beaches in Alberta, and you'd be kind of wrong. There are a few unofficial spots in the province that have been used by nude sunbathers for years.

Curiocity - Calgary has two nude beaches where you can swim & tan in your birthday suit - Jun 7, 2022

If you’re interested, go ahead and check them out, Calgary, or don’t! It’s your body, your choice – also, because some of you are some type of way, we feel it necessary to remind you that these places have existed forever and never affected you, so don’t let that change today. 

CBC - Calgary has 2 nude beaches - here's who is using them and why - Jul 3, 2021

Calgary Nude Beach is well off the beaten path in a far western edge of Weaselhead Flats and has existed for more than two decades.

Daily Hive - There's a 'clothing-optional' wave pool swim in Calgary this July - Jun 17, 2019

“Negative body image permeates our culture. Calgary Nude Recreation strives to counter this by promoting body-positive values. We believe people have a right to present themselves without shame and to be respected regardless of what they are or aren’t wearing.”

Alberta Prime Times - More and more Calgarians not afraid to go naked - Jun 21, 2018

Hundreds of Calgarians are discovering the joys of hiking, swimming, yoga and even reading fine literature – while wearing nothing more than a smile.

Interviews with Calgary Nude Recreation

The Naturist Living Show - Calgary Nude Recreation - Dec 1, 2021

Innovation and new ideas often come from non-landed clubs. The lack of a permanent facility means that they must look for new activities in non-traditional places. They also tend to be more urban and appeal to younger people. In our discussion with Calgary Nude Recreation we hear about their ideas, challenges, and successes.

The Naturist Living Show - Naturist Waterpark Episode - Mar 26, 2021

Having a naturist day at a waterpark seems natural but the logistics are complicated. We hear three stories, from the UK, United States, and Canada, about renting waterparks with differing levels of success. In all cases, false rumours, unfounded fears, protests, negative publicity, and even threats have caused problems for the organizers.

X92.9 - Radio interview with Marc and Millions - Jan 12, 2018

"I don't want everyone to show up. No one wants everyone to show up.  Who we want to show up are people that want to have fun being naked with people that enjoy being naked."

770 CHQR Global News Radio - Naked Jeff is interviewed by Danielle Smith - Jan 12, 2018

"Whatever people think is going on that it should be 18+, they are mistaken. Nude events are always family friendly, regardless of if there are kid's or not. It's just a normal day at the pool, but with a relaxed dress code."

Globe and Mail - Op-Ed by Naked Jeff - Jan 12, 2018

"We understand our events are not for everyone, and we are okay with that. I'm sorry some Calgarians feel we should feel ashamed of our bodies, and that they fear us for refusing to do so. It certainly wasn't our intent to create such a fiasco."

Other Coverage

Rick Mercer Report - Calgary Cancels Nude Swim - Jan 17, 2018

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