Last night marked the most recent step on my personal path toward No Body Shame. I attended Calgary Nude Recreation's first "Naked Water Slides and Wave Pool" event. I attended alone. I was a little nervous, but determined. It was the first specifically nude event that I have ever attended. I've attended events in the past that were "clothing optional," but never one where nudity was the focus.

As a 29 year old, plus-size woman, I felt safe and comfortable attending the event. Nobody was creepy, nobody stared, and everyone was genuinely friendly. Everyone seemed happy, friendly and welcoming. I walked away from the pool feeling energized and empowered. I've spent most of my morning telling all my friends about how much fun I had, and encouraging them to come along next time.

I actually think that attending alone was a positive thing for me, as it forced me to step outside my comfort zone and introduce myself to new people.

-Alyssa, female 29

This is my second year having a membership, however I have not been able to attend any events (due to scheduling conflicts) until recently.

I joined the nude hike to the nude beach on June 23. What a great experience. I never once felt uncomfortable or out of place. Everyone was very chill.

I wasn't able to stay at the beach for very long, but I knew that before I headed out. The whole experience felt completely natural, even for a first timer. I very much look forward to attending more events. I highly recommend this group.

-Ed, male 58

I saw the news reports about the nude swim and I was intrigued. My girlfriend and I signed up for the nude swim in Feb 2018. We were both a little apprehensive about going out in public in the nude, since this was going to be our first time nude with others. Once we were there, it was a very fun experience. Our fears disappeared almost immediately. The people were very friendly and pleasant. I would highly recommend this for everyone with an open mind and who likes to have in a natural way. There was no tension or negativity during the swim and it looked like every one had a great time. We definitely plan to go to another event. I really enjoyed the swim, it was nice to swim without a suit, the way nature had intended. It was our very first time at a nude event and all I can say it was fun, fun, fun!

-Randy, male 53
-Erin, female 40

Two days since the swim and I'm aching.

My body is telling me that water slides may be designed for 13 year olds, not 53 year olds. Of course it 's my own fault as I lost count of the number of times I went down the different slides in the best way possible, with no suit to slow you down. That and bouncing around in the wave pool were so much fun. It was just a wonderful event overall.

I guess what I'm really aching for is the next swim to do it all over again

-Jimbo, male 53

I had a wonderful time at the wave pool nude swim, which was my first time participating in a nude event. I'm a bigger guy so I was naturally concerned that I would feel judged for that, but everyone there seemed very open and inviting and I didn't feel that way at all. It was a great time with a great, diverse group of people. Water slides, waves, hot tub, and silly fun with a beach ball - all in the buff. Everyone seemed relaxed and having fun.

My biggest concern was that I was a single male attending alone, but I ended up having a great time and joined in a few activities. A lot of nude groups I've seen tend to exclude single men. I really appreciate that Calgary Nude Recreation is open to those of us without a partner. :)

-NudeFlamesFan, Male 33

This was my first event, and my only real concern was that it would be awkward being around that many nude people - however, my fears were alleviated as soon as I walked into the change room. Everyone was so nice and friendly and welcomed me so graciously. And being around that many people, in the same state of undress, was surprisingly comfortable and not weird or awkward at all! I made a ton of new friends. I appreciated how friendly and welcoming everyone was.

People of all ages, sizes, shapes, identities and sexual orientations should feel comfortable joining this open-minded group.

-31 year old female-identifying person

This was my first nude event and I was motivated to join because I’ve always found the attitude of nudist organizations to be something that interested me. The experience was amazing because the of the people. Everyone was so relaxed and kind and it made for a great evening. Being in public completely nude with others leaves everyone vulnerable, on equal footing, trusting, and eventually, if they allow themselves to be, totally at ease with themselves and their insecurities. Thank you very much and I hope for another night like this very soon.

-Miles, male 33

CNR put on a memorable event at the Leisure Centre! I had a great time being naked around other nudists, sliding down an assortment of Water Slides with different speeds, using the "Swinging Ball" to leap into the Wave Pool, using a flotation device to battle the high waves in the Wave Pool, and to hang out in the Hot Tub. People were really friendly, which resulted in a lot of socializing. Having an opportunity to be nude in a safe environment was very rewarding. It felt like we were all part of a special community, and I think all of us enjoyed being nude. Greatly organized event too!

Anybody that enjoys being nude around others should join CNR. That is, any gender, age group, marital status, and experience / lack of experience should qualify and be accepted or welcomed.

-Robert, Male 50

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