Indoor Activity Rules

Last updated: September 20, 2018

Calgary Nude Recreation conducts private bookings of indoor facilities.

1As much as we strive to normalize nudity, there is still a vulnerability associated with nude activities. Nude activities are not the proper place to be seeking out a potential life or sexual partner. Making passes or picking up on someone is not acceptable. If you ask someone to meet up with you after an activity and it is negatively received your future attendance at our activities may be restricted. We suggest choosing wisely who you invite to extracurricular social activities.

2 – If guests are permitted, they must be pre-registered and pre-paid by an existing member of Calgary Nude Recreation.  Their legal first name, last name, and date of birth will be required on the registration form.  Guests must provide non-expired, government issued photo ID matching the registration at check-in.

3 – Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests and ensuring they are a match to the values and objectives of Calgary Nude Recreation.

4 – The possession of devices capable of photography/videography (e.g. cell phone) has the potential to negatively impact the experience of other participants.  You may be picking it up to see why it dinged, others may think you are trying to covertly take pictures.  Please ensure cell phones and similar devices are NOT ACCESSED at any times it is likely to have a negative impact.

5 – Indoor activities are family-friendly activities.  Actions and language must be family-friendly at all times.  Sexual activity and exhibitionism are not tolerated.

6 – Facility-specific rules are in effect and must be obeyed.

Note that the above rules supplement existing CNR membership and event policies.

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