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Fall 2019 Outdoor Recreation Update

Sunday, September 22, 2019 6:45 PM | Anonymous

Earlier this summer, Calgary Nude Recreation published our analysis on the “legality” of outdoor nude recreation in Canada. Utilizing the approach outlined, we are happy to say that we successfully held several “pop-up” events at public locations in and around Calgary from June to September 2019.

In each case, we explored and previewed multiple sites/trails to find the optimal location. Relevant authorities were made aware well in advance of our intention to use the site, when we would be there, and how to get a hold of us if required.

Nude Recreation Pop-up Activations

Naked Hikes

Other than weather-related challenges, each event was successful with a good cross-section of attendees, and no complaints or issues from the general public. The largest turnout was over 60 people at the beach day on August 2. Hikes were generally timed to avoid passing other hikers, and those likely to interact with us were chatted with in advance. While invited by us, law enforcement did not check in on any event. Attendees had a great time working on our tans and chatting with other attendees.

Calgary’s existing nude beach

The “unofficial” nude beach at the far west end of Weaselhead Natural Area was not utilized by Calgary Nude Recreation in an official capacity this summer, although individual members have reported typical attendance levels on nice days. We continue to believe this site is dangerous to access and has limited viability once the southwest ring road opens, which is why we chose three new sites for our pop-up events.

A permanent nude beach for Calgary?

Calgary Nude Recreation believes it is deeply unfortunate that Calgary is one of the only cities on the list of Most Livable without a sanctioned clothing-optional recreation area. If you agree, please ensure you communicate this to your councillor and request clothing-optional recreation options whenever relevant at engage.calgary.ca.

CNR strives to continue working towards a designated clothing optional area, though we have demonstrated that any quiet place can be legal and practical to use for the practice of naturism.

The Perfect Location?

Each of the sites utilized for pop-up beach days have their pros and cons. Thanks to limited sight lines, accessible water, and appropriate scale, our favourite was the Glenmore Dam location. Unfortunately, water contamination makes this location problematic.

We are always on the lookout for great locations. Please email us any locations you believe to be suitable. You can reach us at CalgaryNudeRecreation@Gmail.com

We understand how important the establishment of a designated site is to our members, but this isn’t a challenge we can take on alone. As posted earlier this summer, access to clothing-optional recreation is a cultural issue more than a legal one. More Canadians need to know the virtues of social nudity, and more importantly need to know that one or more of their friends, family, or coworkers are open to it too. Until this happens, negative stereotypes will continue to block our path.

Thanks to everyone that joined us this summer! Our next swim is October 20th.

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