November CNR Newsletter

Wednesday, November 07, 2018 9:51 PM | Anonymous

Closure on the naked hike aspirations

Earlier this year, we shared that we had applied to access Crown Land, surrounded by a grazing lease, for a naked hike. Our desire to access this site stemmed from the fact that because it can only be accessed via a grazing lease, we had a reasonable expectation of privacy and no risk of being seen by “the public”.

Unfortunately, under Alberta Government regulations dating back to the mid-2000s leaseholders are permitted to deny access whenever livestock is present. This decision was upheld in appeal, but if anyone has their snowshoes we’ve been told we are welcome in the winter when the cattle aren’t present.

We will continue to advocate for lawful access to outdoor recreation opportunities whenever we can.

New Event - Naked Beach Volleyball

We are thrilled to have secured access to a new space on a new night! Naked Beach Volleyball + Activities takes place in less than three weeks on Saturday November 24. First - we want to emphasize the “+ Activities” part of the event description. You do not need to play volleyball to attend. We also have naked beach frisbee, naked beach dodgeball, naked beach sandcastles, and naked socializing.

Since this is a new space, we are excited to have the opportunity to try some suggestions from our members:

  1. Guests are allowed at this event, if registered by an existing member. (The same ID requirements as members will apply).
  2. Attendees are welcomed to wear whatever they are comfortable with. We know there are thousands of people who really want to try one of our events, but aren’t ready to commit to being immediately naked. This event is a chance to see what social nudity is all about and how liberating it really is!

Note that due to venue capacity, there is a hard cap of 100 attendees for this event. Please consider registering ASAP if you would like to attend.

Missed out on the October swim?

The last naked swim of 2018 will occur on Sunday November 17. Our October swim sold out, but there is a way to avoid that situation! If we are close to capacity at least a week before the event, we can hire more lifeguards to allow more attendees. Please consider registering sooner rather than later if you are planning to attend.

Event Ideas?

We have to admit we’re both excited (a little bit jealous) that our friends to the north recently announced nude indoor mini-golf and a nude virtual reality (VR) night. They’re even trying to break the Guinness Book of World Records for nude mini-golf!

If you have any suggestions for events you’d like to see in Calgary (or have a connection with a local business), please let us know!

-The CNR Team

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