Relaunching the Legal Fund

Wednesday, August 01, 2018 11:54 AM | Anonymous

Back in January, you may recall that one of our local events was cancelled due to threats of violence. A legal fund was subsequently established, and then placed on hold when approval was secured to move forward. Since then, we have successfully (and peacefully) held over 6 indoor events and our membership has continued to grow.

We have also been pressing on one of our original intentions, which is holding outdoor activities for our members in a controlled/respectful/appropriate setting. We have been attempting to work with a number of official agencies/departments to secure approval to do this in an “above board” way. Unfortunately, we feel that all current avenues have now been exhausted. In consultation with law firms specializing in constitutional law, we feel it is necessary to explore this angle.

Accordingly, we have re-opened the legal fund. Funds raised will be used for a retainer fee including a legal opinion on the best course of action to meet CNR's objectives. While obviously very early in the journey, our ultimate objective is to see willing Canadians allowed to practice naturism without the threat of criminal prosecution. As this is now a larger situation with the potential for national impact, we are encouraging all Canadians to consider donating.  You can read more on the GoFundMe page.

In the mean time, we aren't giving up! We are excited to be lining up more indoor activities for the fall – watch for details on the members-only events page.

Read more updates HERE on our Blog page.

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