May 2018 Newsletter

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 6:13 PM | Anonymous

Thank you for 4 months of success!

Hello everyone! Naked Jeff here. We here at CNR would like to thank everyone for their support and participation in our events. None of this would be possible without YOU showing up, getting naked, and having fun.

We have overcome many hurdles to have our events in Calgary. Your patience and understanding has been amazing. We really appreciate the feedback that many of you have sent us. YOU are a part of OUR community and we hope you consider us a part of YOUR community. 

We are super stoked that we continue to nurture our relationship with the City of Calgary, and can announce the event registration changes outlined below.

We are finally in our warm season and we will have some outdoor events soon! Many of you have been asking about nude hikes. Trust me when I say we are all just as stoked as you all for nude hikes. The sad news is it’s a bit early in the season. Its still a bit cold (especially the water) out there.

We at CNR are in this for the long term. We believe ALL people should have access to body-positive events to present their most authentic self. One of our long-term goals is a LEGAL nude beach near Calgary. Now that the snow is melted we have been making scouting expeditions for potential sites. Realistically, we see this as a goal that will take several years to complete. In the meantime, should you come across nice secluded locations, please share them with us!

Membership Rules Update

In the early days of CNR, we committed to establishing formal rules, processes, and procedures to help minimize risk and maximize the comfort and safety of all attendees.  We also committed to listening to our members and trying our best to provide a sustainable naked space to everyone who wanted to join us.  

After a number of successful events, we've made a couple of tweaks to the Membership Terms. First, we have specifically called out "following" as another action which may negatively impact the comfort and safety of other attendees. We have also adjusted Rule 3 to make it clear that members have two options if the actions of others are making them uncomfortable -- either express their feelings to the person in question, or bring it to the attention of an organizer to approach the person in question. You can review the updated rules here.

Event Registration Deadline Changes

The City requires confirmation of expected attendance in advance of the event to confirm staffing numbers. After losses caused by a series of last-minute cancellations (and refunds) to the first event, we introduced a one-week cutoff for event registration.

We heard you! Sometimes seven days is a lot of advanced notice, so we've approached the city and renegotiated our terms. Event registration and payment must now be completed by 10:00AM on the day of a swim. As we are still committing and paying the city, registration payment will remain "final sale" with no refunds available.

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